3 Reasons Why Your Furnace Isn’t Working

The heating system is one of the most important appliances in your home, but it doesn’t always run smoothly. These three common problems may be why your furnace isn’t working.

Some furnace problems have simple solutions, while others should be handled by experienced HVAC technicians. If you live in the Downers Grove, IL, area and need help with your furnace, be sure to call us at Fire ‘n’ Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. See below for why your furnace might not be working:

1. Clogged Air Filter

Regularly changing air filters is an important type of maintenance that often gets overlooked. Over time, dust and other particulates accumulate, limiting airflow to the furnace. Although older furnaces will continue to run with a dirty air filter, they’ll become less efficient and will produce less heat as the filter becomes more clogged. Newer energy efficient models, however, are sensitive to these changes and will shut down before damage can be done.

2. Tripped Circuit Breaker

Check your home’s breaker panel to make sure the circuit supplying power to your furnace is set to “on.” It may have been tripped by a recent electrical storm. Keep in mind that other electrical problems can also cause issues with your furnace that require an experienced electrician or HVAC professional to solve. A circuit that repeatedly trips may indicate a serious underlying problem that will need to need to be addressed.

3. Flipped Furnace Switch

Another solution that’s as easy as flipping a switch is making sure your furnace switch is turned on. This switch can be found on the outside of your furnace and controls the flow of power into it. Unfortunately, the furnace switch is often mistaken for a light switch and may be turned off accidentally.

If you’re not sure why your furnace isn’t working or you otherwise need a helping hand to fix it, don’t hesitate to contact us at Fire ‘n’ Ice. We offer 24/7 emergency service that tackles even the toughest problems.