A Smart Thermostat Controls Your Comfort

The thermostat is a basic part of any heating system, allowing you to set the temperature of the rooms in your home. Like all technology, thermostats have been improving in both quality and ability. Using a smart thermostat will change the way you heat your home. Here are some of the benefits a smart thermostat brings to your heating system.

Programmable Comfort

Many homes now use programmable thermostats. You can set the thermostat at different temperatures depending on when you are around during the day. The house will be comfortable when people are home and cooler when everyone is out.

Smart thermostats are taking this programming to the next level. Not only can you input a daily or weekly schedule, but some thermostats can learn your habits over time, creating a schedule based on your family’s coming and going. Other thermostats can coordinate with sensors, only warming or cooling rooms when someone is present.

Remote Access

Many smart thermostats can be accessed via an internet connection or paired with your smartphone. You can set the thermostat from anywhere in the world. If you are getting home from work early, you can tell the thermostat to warm your house during the commute. If you forgot to change the program while on vacation, you can change the thermostat from your hotel room.

Heating Bill Savings

The capabilities of smart thermostats will save you money over time. Although it may not seem like much, being able to reduce the time your air conditioner or furnace is running even by a few minutes each day will add up to long-term savings. Ten minutes of savings a day is over an hour in the course of a week. If your house runs on a hybrid system, with both a furnace and a heat pump, your thermostat can help coordinate the operation, making certain that everything runs at peak efficiency.

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