Why You Should Avoid Candles & Air Fresheners

During the holiday season, and on special occasions, families rush to their favorite corner store and purchase the best smelling scented candles and air fresheners money can buy. For years, this has been the norm for millions of households. Recently, a new study reveals the hidden truth behind scented candles and air fresheners, and why they should be avoided.

We are family owned and located in Naperville, IL, where our clients have access to the top of the line heating and cooling services. We also offer indoor quality assessment in Naperville, IL to ensure every home is equipped with quality air filters. People with health concerns should consider installing a ductless air system to cut back on dust and allergen pollution.

The Dangers of Burning Scented Candles and Spraying Air Fresheners

A recent study conducted, concluded that people suffering from allergies and respiratory problems should be wary of inhaling chemicals from lit candles and air fresheners. When scented candles are lit indoors, they emit a chemical that resonates throughout the atmosphere. This chemical when inhaled over time can cause a variety of health issues including cancer. Homes, where candles are burned regularly, may test positive for a high level of limonene, which is a cancer-causing agent.

Did you know that indoor air pollution is the number one cause of asthma and upper respiratory problems? The majority of breathing problems can be linked to dirty air filters, scented candles, and air fresheners. Quality air filters help control and eliminate lingering orders, dust, and allergy-causing allergens.

Benefits of Quality Air Filters

  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Remove airborne allergens like dust- dirt- smoke from the air
  • Reduce energy consumption

Taking Care of Your Heating And Cooling Unit

Always hire a trained technician to service your AC unit at the appropriate times. Regular maintenance can lower your energy bill and keep your living environment pollution free. When you change your filter regularly and keep your unit running properly, you can eliminate the buildup of cancer-causing allergens, and prevent several common respiratory problems.

Your friendly heating and cooling company in Naperville, IL can assist you with all of your heating and cooling needs. Toss out the candles and air fresheners today, and start afresh. Get a ductless air system installed and keep your breathing environment under control. Take charge of your health. Eliminate bad odors, allergens, dust and other airborne particles with one phone call. Contact us today!