Common Practices That Could Harm Your AC

Living in Downers Grove, IL, we get pretty extreme seasons. Summer months are hot, and winters are cold. Chances are you use your air conditioner on a daily basis during the hotter months. This high level of use makes it easy for AC units to give way without homeowners giving them the proper amount of attention and care.

Lack of regular and seasonal AC maintenance

Taking care of your home air conditioner is the best way to prevent costly repairs at the last minute. Having a professional check the AC unit regularly can help you be aware of any parts of the unit that are wearing out and may need replacing soon. This gives you a chance to fix or replace any issues before they compound, resulting in the AC unit failing in the middle of the night or on a weekend.

Leaving a dirty air filter in for too long

To keep your air conditioner working well, it’s important to change your filters regularly or have a professional AC service do it for you on a regular basis. Leaving the old filter in the AC unit can lead to allergens and dust creeping into the system, affecting the air quality in your home and reducing the effectiveness of the home air conditioner.

Improperly sized AC unit

Many homeowners do not know what size their AC unit is and whether it is the appropriate size for the home. If the system you’re using to cool your home is too large the probability of the unit freezing over increases and it may stop working completely.

Skipping an energy audit for your home

A home energy audit is a great way to identify the issues that lead to your home being too hot or cool. A professional AC maintenance service can perform an audit for you, which will give you several valuable pieces of information, including:

  • Windows and doorways that are allowing cooled air to escape
  • Size of your AC unit
  • Level of insulation in your home

Overuse of the unit

Hot, humid temperatures can be a pain, but using the unit too much without the proper maintenance and care can cause the unit to wear out before it should. If properly maintained, your AC unit should last for at least a decade.

If you want to ensure your AC unit lasts as long as it should, hiring a professional AC service to maintain it is one of the best ways to keep it working. Contact Fire N Ice today to get help from our qualified technicians.