Good Weather For Craft Beer Ale Fest In Naperville

The 4th Annual Craft Beer Ale Fest took place on Saturday, July 16, 2016. 220 unique beers from designer breweries around the country were present to add to the enjoyment of visitors. As might be expected, good weather for Craft Beer Ale Fest in Naperville contributed to the enjoyment of the visitors who participated in the festivities. In addition to craft beer options, the event featured live music and food from some of the area’s best-loved restaurants and food trucks.

The festivities are held on the ground of the Naper Settlement, with a backdrop of downtown Naperville. In this setting, enjoying craft beers seems a natural and creative practice. Naper Settlement was established in 1969 as a twelve-acre outdoor history museum. It consists of a collection of thirty structures and historical buildings from the Naperville Illinois area. A portion of the proceeds from the Ale Fest will be used to benefit the Naper Settlement and the Naperville Heritage Society.

More than two hundred different participants were present to offer their craft beers to those attending the fest. The setting offered the opportunity to come and try out a variety of different craft beers and ales from throughout the country. The weather cooperated, although it was hot. Everyone knows that a cold beer on a hot day is the best way to participate in the experience.

Preparing for an outdoor event during this season of the year requires some pre-planning. Protection from the sun’s rays is a prime consideration. The visitors to the Fest needed to use sunblock to protect the skin. Other requirements included the age. Children are not welcome. The event is strictly a 21 and over attendance. Valid government-issued ID was required to enter the grounds.

Other suggestions for participation included eating a good breakfast and wearing comfortable shoes. An official Ale Fest app allowed attendees to access the full beer and brewer list, as well as the list of food vendors. The app included a map of the grounds. The app could be used to track and jot down noted on favorite ciders or beers as you tried them.

The best enjoyment for the event takes time to rest occasionally. Participants could take time between drinks and realize that every last ounce of each drink didn’t have to be consumed in order to experience the flavor of the beverage. The goal was to enjoy the entire experience, rather than to over imbibe.

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