Heat Pump Vs. Furnace

Heat Pump or Furnace Downers Grove, IL, and the surrounding area can be very cold in the winter, but it can also have hot summers with quite a bit of humidity at times. If you live there, you know you need good options to help keep your home comfortable all year round. Among those options are furnaces and heat pumps. But which one should you choose? That depends on exactly what you need and want, along with what you already have in your home and the budget you’re looking at.

Heat Pumps Can Provide More Options

A heat pump will give you more options than a furnace. Heat pumps have both heating and cooling capabilities, while furnaces can only offer heat. Because of that, heat pumps are more popular in areas where heating and cooling are both needed. That’s most parts of the country, but not all of them. Additionally, some people have other cooling methods, like window units, so they don’t want to add a heat pump to their existing furnace. If you use a heat pump for heating and cooling, though, you may be able to use less energy and save money. Your furnace can be used for supplemental heat when it’s really cold outside.

Sometimes a Furnace is Just the Right Choice

For anyone who has an existing air conditioning system that’s separate from their current furnace, replacing the furnace rather than installing a heat pump may be the way to go. Newer furnaces are very efficient, and they can provide an even heat that will keep your home warm and comfortable during the winter months. Whether you’re looking at a gas or electric model of furnace, there are options that will fit your budget and the size of your home.

Is It Time to Get a New System?

When you’re ready to learn more about heat pumps and furnaces, so you can make the choice as to which one is right for you, contact us at Fire ‘n’ Ice Heating and Cooling. We can answer your questions, schedule an appointment for a free estimate, and help you decide whether you want a heat pump or a furnace for your Downers Grove area home. That can give you cozy comfort, along with peace of mind.

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