Illinois Experiences Warmest September On Record

Nothing is worse than a summer that just won’t end. While most people are eager to see the warm weather arrive, they can’t wait for it to go away after enduring several months of sweltering temperatures. When Illinois experiences warmest September on record, locals tend to get a bit irritable. The good news is that there are several things that people can do to maintain a year-round state of comfort.

Keeping your home cool throughout an extended summer is critical. Once children start boarding buses to school, your internal thermostat is probably getting ready for the colder months of fall. When temperatures don’t drop, it can be disappointing to say the least, especially given that your body is primed and ready for sweater weather.

One of the best ways to stay cool is by giving your air conditioning system a quick tune-up, even though the summer heat has yet to abate. This equipment has likely been running non-stop for several months. As such, it may have a dirty or clogged filter or a significant accumulation of interior debris. With a simple system, you may be able to perform a considerable amount of this maintenance all on your own.

Changing out a filter can be as simple as opening the unit up, removing the old filter and putting a new one in. Some of the latest and most innovative units have filters that must be washed rather than switched out. Be sure to read the manual on your equipment for taking care of this task. If the job appears to be too complex or if you have a hard time identifying the filter, be sure to contact a reputable HVAC company instead.

It is vital to note that any maintenance work requiring the removal of internal covers and components can actually void your warranty, particularly if you opt to do it on your own. Companies that offer warranties require that their products be serviced only by fully trained and licensed technicians. Thus, if you find that your unit is dirty and dusty on the inside and in need of a thorough cleaning, you should definitely outsource this work.

Consider the benefits of having your ducts cleaned out. Any particulates that are present in the filter are likely to be present in these passageways as well. Professionals can remove all dirt and debris in these and they can addition take care of all vents and registers throughout the home.

This is also a good time to take more proactive steps towards improving overall indoor air quality. Talk to your provider about the benefits of having an air purifier installed. Units like these can be especially helpful after long, hot summers and months spent living in a sealed environment in which all of the windows and doors remain closed.

Finally, take a minute to check out the seals around windows and doors and make a note to repair these things before the season actually changes. While you might be ready for summer to end, you may not be prepared for the different challenges that winter is apt to bring. Using this time as an opportunity to prime your home for cooler temps will make it much easier to adjust to the inevitable, winter-inspired change in climate once it finally arrives.