Is It Time To Fix Or Replace My Air Conditioner?

Making sure that your home heating and cooling system is functioning like it should is one of the most vital parts of protecting household residents from a range of wholly preventable health issues. When people become too hot or too cold, numerous problems can ensue. If your home cooling system is currently functioning at a less than optimal level, you may be asking the question, “Is it time to fix or replace my air conditioner?”. Following are a few important developments to look for as you decide whether or not to repair your current equipment or simply upgrade it instead.

One of the surest signs that your AC system is nearing the end of its lifetime is the need for constant repairs. Your unit should be serviced by professionals at least once per year. You also want to perform a little routine maintenance of your own by dusting the exterior of the unit off and washing or replacing the filter as needed.

If you find yourself having to call professionals in two to three times per year in order to replace broken down hoses or parts, the costs of constantly restoring this equipment to a functional condition will likely exceed the costs of securing a new unit and having it professionally installed. In cases like these, it can be easier and cheaper upgrade the equipment rather than replacing it part by part.

Another important factor to consider is whether or not your energy bill has been able to remain fairly static. A lot of people think that their energy consumption is supposed to spike in the summer. If your home is properly insulated and sealed, however, the change in your payments should not be extremely dramatic.

Make a quick review of your energy costs to determine whether or not any increases for the present year are far more significant than they were in years past. This could mean that your system is no longer sufficiently efficient. Due to aging parts and and an outdated overall design, you may be paying far more to keep your home cool than you actually have to.

It is important for homeowners to be cognizant of all the recent innovations that have been made in home cooling equipment. This is important to do, even if you have an older unit that appears to be functioning just fine. Deciding to upgrade to more cutting-edge technologies will reduce your energy costs and add value to your home.

Be mindful of the fact that negligence in maintaining this equipment can and will diminish its overall lifetime. If you have a system that is expected to last ten to fifteen years, but you never clean or maintain it, expect this system to last just half of its anticipated lifetime. Insufficient maintenance and care places far too much stress on these machines.

If you are still in doubt, never underestimate the benefits of consulting with professionals. They can review the current condition of your existing unit in order to determine whether replacement or repairs are needed. If your system can be salvaged, these companies will do all that they can to ensure that it is functioning at an optimal level and that you’re able to maintain an acceptable indoor air quality.