Preventing Furnace Issues for Illinois Winters

When it comes to furnace issues, no one wants to deal with them during the harsh Illinois winter. Rather than calling us for emergency heating repair Naperville, try calling us for seasonal maintenance to help prevent issues before they lead to furnace breakdown. When you schedule your furnace maintenance visit with Fire n Ice, we send you a professional heating technician to conduct an extensive inspection of your furnace. Your visit will include:

  • An inspection of the pilot light and igniter to ensure that they are working properly and safely.
  • A visual inspection of the blower fan to make sure that there is no debris.
  • Our technician will also conduct an amp draw test on the motor and compare it to what is listed for your furnace unit. If it is too low or too high this indicates that something is wrong with the furnace motor.
  • A thorough check of the intake grills and drainage system to see if there are any blockages. This includes all hoses connected to the exterior of the unit. Our technician will also clean out your condensate line to prevent mold growth.
  • The technician will also examine and replace your furnace filter.
    Having your furnace maintained regularly can help prevent problems and keep your furnace working all winter. Call us today to schedule your appointment or for any other questions or concerns you may have!