Does Rain Damage My Heating and Cooling System Over Time?

HVAC MaintenanceAn air conditioner unit consists of two parts, on inside and the other outdoors. Because water is known as the universal solvent, the question comes up sometimes as to whether or not rainwater is bad for the outdoor unit. It’s a natural question, as most people understand to take care of tools and equipment means not to leave them out in the rain. Fortunately, however, the air conditioning unit was designed by engineers to be weatherproof and won’t, under normal circumstances, be damaged by rain.

The Effects of Rain on Your Air Conditioner

Rainwater can, in fact, actually be good for the unit during moderate or light storms. The water can rinse off any accumulated dust or pollen in the coils as it flushes through the unit. Keeping the unit clean is an important part of an overall maintenance program as the conditioner can’t work properly if it becomes clogged, and can be forced to work harder than intended if it even becomes partially clogged. There’s also the basic fact that rain tends to cool the overall temperature, which is helpful toward simply not needing to use the air conditioner as much on a rainy day. So a typical rainstorm is beneficial to the unit and helps it stay in good working condition.

The Effects of Storms and Harsher Weather

For obvious reasons, heavy storms aren’t always a good for the unit as a light rain. If debris or a falling tree hit the air conditioner, that can clear4ly do a bit of actual physical damage. Such storms aren’t common in North America, other than tornado season in the Midwest and hurricane season on the east coast. The likelihood of such storms causing damage is still not at a level to be concerned with. That’s part of the reason for homeowner’s insurance. With that said, even in an area likely to have such storms it isn’t a good idea to cover the external portion of the air conditioner other than perhaps temporarily with the unit turned off during the immediacy of a heavy storm.

Heating Services in Downer Grove, IL

If a storm does come through and damage your system in or around the Downers Grove area of Illinois, contact us at Fire ‘n’ Ice Heating and Cooling to speak with a representative about having our technician come to make any needed repairs. Our representatives are clean and professional and take pride in getting the job right the first time so you don’t have to worry about it.

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