Understanding Airflow in Your Home

September 24, 2019

Proper indoor air quality is about more than just adjusting temperature and humidity throughout the home. The way air moves through your house has a huge effect on how the air in your house feels and smells. Here are some important things to know about your home’s airflow. Principles of Ventilation One of the main factors of airflow is ventilation. This is the process by which fresh outside air replaces stale or polluted indoor air. Some systems use fans to intake outside air, properly cool and heat it, and then send it into the home. Other homes are designed to naturally pull in outside air through various vents, chimneys, or windows as needed. It is possible to have unintentional ventilation, which is called infiltration. This can reduce the efficiency of your home as untreated outside air leaks in. Fortunately, fixing it can be as simple as getting ‘s technicians to come out to your Downers Grove home to find and fix air leaks. How Air Distribution Works The other key component of airflow is air distribution. This refers to how air moves around inside of your house. Most HVAC systems ensure that air is distributed properly by means of supply...

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