Are Old and New Air Conditioners the Same?

May 22, 2019

Technology is always changing, and this is especially true when it comes to HVAC systems. Though air conditioners might look similar and continue to cool the house properly, newer models have some distinct changes. There are a few key differences between newer and older styles of an air conditioner. More Eco-Friendly Designs Newer air conditioner systems use R-410A refrigerant. This is a more environmentally friendly refrigerant than the R-22 refrigerant and other coolants that have the potential to cause problems with the ozone layer. Newer models also tend to have modulating technology that means they do not require as much electricity to work. Reduced Energy Consumption Downers Grove residents who get to install a new air conditioner often report how surprised they are by the reduction in their energy bills. This happens because newer models only use about 1,700 watts of energy to cool the average sized home while older models may use up to 6,000 watts. Improved Home Comfort Unlike old air conditioners that ran at a single fixed speed, new units have the option of variable speed air distribution. This lets your unit change the speeds at which it sends cool air through the home, so you get...

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