What Are the Most Important Rooms to Have an Air Purifier in?

January 11, 2020

Because you can’t see it, it’s easy to take clean air for granted. It’s something you just expect. However, when the air is polluted or smelly, it becomes the biggest presence in any given room. Poor indoor air quality can even be dangerous to your health. This is why an air purifier can be such an important addition to any room. In order to get a better understanding of where you should place an air purifier, consider the following tips. Choose the Room With the Most Traffic When people are walking through a room a lot, they’ll bring in dirt from their shoes, outdoor pollutants, germs from being sick and more. Those pollutants don’t just disappear. It’s important to have a process for getting rid of them. If you have a mudroom, a walkway or a family room that gets a lot of foot traffic, it’s a great idea to keep an air purifier in that room. Consider the Rooms Where You Spend the Most Time If you tend to spend the most time in the den, the family room or the living room, that’s the room you’ll want to purchase an air purifier for. Because you’re spending so much...

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