4 Ways to Dog-Proof Your HVAC System

September 14, 2019

Anyone with a dog knows that these furry companions can be feisty and mischievous. Unfortunately, pet mischief and an HVAC system don’t go well together. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to dog-proof your HVAC system. 1. Make Sure Your Dog Is Trained A dog that is potty-trained is less likely to leave its mark on the components of your HVAC system. Having an obedient dog will help keep your cooling and heating out of trouble. 2. Safeguard Wiring Many dogs go through a whole lot of chew toys. Some of these dogs will gnaw on anything that seems like it could be chewy, including HVAC wiring. Keep your puppy from getting at your HVAC system by wrapping the wiring in special material or tubes. At , we recommend that you use metal conduit tubing for keeping wiring out of your dog’s mouth. You’ll be sparing your HVAC system the damage while making sure your pet isn’t harmed by electricity. 3. Clean Vents and Air Filters Cleaning around vents and changing your air filters will make sure that loose dog hairs do not accumulate and cause blockages. Your indoor air quality can suffer from debris that gathers...

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