What is Preventative Maintenance?

June 8, 2018

Preventive maintenance can add years of life to your heating and cooling system, and at the very least, it will give you more efficient and better service throughout its lifetime. Poorly maintained HVAC systems break down more often, use more energy to heat and cool and may not do their job very well. To improve your HVAC system and keep it running longer, it is important to do at minimum yearly preventive maintenance. What is Preventative Maintenance? The name says it all. Preventative maintenance is doing maintenance on a scheduled basis to prevent larger issues to crop up unexpectedly. Similar to visiting your doctor yearly for a well checkup, preventative maintenance is a check on all HVAC systems to make sure they are working correctly, are clean and undamaged. Some preventative maintenance can be done by the homeowner. HVAC experts recommend checking air filters periodically, depending on usage, and replacing them when needed. You can also keep the outside of your unit clean and free of dust. Expert Maintenance Once or twice per year, you should schedule a qualified repair company to do a preventative maintenance check on your HVAC system. Experts, such as Fire N’ Ice Heating and Cooling,...

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