Supporting Local Swim Team & Youth Fitness

July 17, 2019

At in Downers Grove, IL, we don’t limit our goals to maintaining your indoor comfort. We actively contribute to our community. Our sponsorship of the Steeple Run Stingrays Swim Team highlights our commitment to the next generation. Youth fitness and competition promote health and socially positive activities. Sponsorships Build Community When the young people on the Stingrays Swim Team see adults and business leaders gather around their cause, they learn that their community cares about them. This spreads a feeling of inclusiveness. Helping the swim team inspires us as well. Swimming is a demanding sport that requires young athletes to train very hard. Adults can learn a lesson from these young people who take on far more than the bare minimum. The community connection that we’ve built through the swim team sponsorship adds to our motivation and encourages us to do good work. Our customers depend on us to repair their heating and cooling. We even offer emergency repair service in Downers Grove and the surrounding area. As a family-owned business in operation since 1977, we’re also a trustworthy source of new installations of Carrier air conditioners and furnaces. Benefits of Youth Sports 1. Regular Exercise and Fitness 2. Development...

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